A picture is worth 100 points is the first mission and safari mission in the game.


When a social group calls Jurassic Park a fraud, John hammond asks the player to take pictures of Dinosaurs to prove them wrong.


As long as you take good pictures of dinosaurs you should get the 100 points. I recommend photographing the Brachiosaurus.

List of dinosaurs you'll encounterEdit

. Allosaurus

. Stegosaurus

. Dilophosaurus

. Brachiosaurus

. Camarasaurus

. Kentrosaurus


- The mission's name is a pun on the phrase " A picture is worth 1,000 words"

- A Ankylosaur appears on the screen but it dosn't appear

- All dinosaurs are in the Late Jurassic except for Dilophosaurus.

- All jurassic dinosaurs are present except for Dryosaurus and Ceratosaurus.

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